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Get rid of repetitive tasks and focus on your customers.

Transport and Logistics Management Software solutions for those who want to lead their business into a future of integrated systems and automated processes.

End to end solution with full access to features.

Sales & Pricing

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Quote Builder
  • Contact History
  • Rate Management
  • E-File
  • Directory locations
  • Notes tool

Customer Service

  • Operations Dashboard
  • BL Issuing
  • AWB Issuing
  • Workflow
  • Delegate Booking
  • Notes tool
  • Booking reports
  • Operative Documents
  • MAWB Pool
  • Search Booking
  • E-File
  • Consol Booking
  • Send Email
  • Worflow Templates


  • Directory
  • Accounting Ledger
  • Invoicing
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Cost Management
  • Invoice Registration
  • Statement of Account
  • Daily Accounting Policy
  • Bank Movements
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Undo Reconciliation
  • Accounting Systems Interfaces
  • E-File
  • Exchange rate
  • Invoice Summary
  • Billing codes


  • Sales Activity
  • Administrative Groups
  • Credit Proposals
  • Sales Commissions
  • Payment Schedulling
  • Profit & Loss
  • Profit & Loss By Booking
  • Users Administration
  • Workflow Administration
  • Cargo Volumes
  • Import Forecast
  • Operational Workload
  • Rates Frecuency
  • Sales Controlling
  • Sales Control Tower

What our customers say about our solutions

"Friendly interface accessible from any connected device to the internet. Great search tools for all modules. Support staff are very cooperative. Exikhan team cares about the customer's views of the future. Different authorization settings. It keeps a log of all the changes done."

Carlos Matus, Regional Manager, Schryver

Covid-19 was a game changer for all industries. From one week to the other, our employees were forced to work remote from home, while customers were surely expecting the same service level and communication flow. At the same time logistical procedures became more complex. Cloud-based EXIKHAN workflow management between offices, departments and countries, has been allowing us in Schryver since years, to work remote. So we entered the global crisis well prepared. We have not lost a single moment control of our data and priorities

Carsten Schryver, Managing Director, Schryver

"Has a good customer service, efficient and fast response. Covers the most important features in our work as it has many optional details. I can easily follow up with my clients and issue and track invoices. Saved a lot of time and energy."

Francisco Molina, Operations Manager, Varig de México

For managers

Complete visibility of your team's workload

Great reports to measure performance

Grow your business with less resources

Affordable cost for small organizations

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For users

Easy to use, simple to search, fun to learn

Spend more time on your customers...

... and less time typing data into the system

Let the system remember the workflow for you

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How will Exikhan help you?

Logistics long-term experience

With more than 20 years in the market building digital tools for the logistics industry, Exikhan will provide you with the specific technological solutions that your freight forwarder need in the 21st Century. We want our solutions to be just the right size for our customers needs, a perfect fit. That is why we focus on developing digital tools that will help freight forwarders work faster by reducing repetitive tasks.

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Agile Development

Agile methodology is the new paradigm of software product development. The term itself can be very broad, but we can always simplify it to a single truth: In agile development we start with multiple user needs of process optimization, and work our way up to make the product strategy, not the other way round. Keeping our eyes on the user experience so it adds value to her daily work is for us the most important thing.

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Cloud solutions

Being a cloud-based software developer is way more than just hosting application off premises. Our cloud partners provide us with a broad range of services that make our applications run faster, safer, cheaper and virtually always accessible to all users, from anywhere in the planet with an internet connection.

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